The future will be immersive

We believe in a future in which we will be able to explore the world through immersive contents. This will not only show us what is happening in a different space but also take us to that space for us to experience it ourselves.

The world is no longer flat

We are bringing volumetric video experience to the mass.
Available to all
We will make it possible for anyone to create volumetric video, even from their bedroom.
All platform support
People will be able to watch these content on any devices including VR and AR.

A variety of applications

We are building an advanced camera system that can film volumetric video in real time. This system can be used in education, live streaming, sports, concerts, stage performances, fitness tutorials, etc.

Innovative design

From image and viewing perspective to user experience and interaction, there is no example to learn from. We made all the design decisions based on our crazy imagination.

This is a system that didn't exist

In order to deliver what we want people to experience, we have to throw away our existed understanding of related technology and designed the whole system from ground up.

A unique experience

With this system, viewers can control the viewing angle without physical restrictions, just like they do in 3D games.

The freedom in this virtual space even means that they will be able to watch actions in first person view.

Why we do this

Our belief in free view point video formed back in 2013. We were asking this question to ourselves, “What does the ultimate video look like?” We thought that the ultimate video should virtually bring you to the actual space and let you explore it yourself, and you should be able to “walk” around in the space to unleash your curiosity.

We are facinated by this idea till today, that is why we want to make it available to everyone to share our excitment.


We are hiring

Windows software master
OpenGL guru
Image processing ninja
Mad computer vision algorithm scientist
Data compression/video streaming engineer

Come to us even you are just curious.

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